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Best Middle Order Batsmen out of them all in Pakistan Cricket Team


The most successful cricket teams on earth are all those who have a solid middle order simply because those batsmen who absorb the immense pressure of constructing an inning around them. The key reason why the Pakistani cricket team enjoyed immense success for a long period because of a number of high quality middle order batsman that served as shock absorbers in numerous situations.

Inzamam ul haq served the Pakistani middle order for around 2 decades and became a crucial asset for his country. He rotated the strike at will and whenever needed, Inzamam switched gears and displayed fantastic hard hitting skills. He was sublime at playing spin and in the mean time seemed to like a lot of time at his disposal when facing the fast bowlers. He truly was a superb middle order batsman. An authentic craftsman with the bat & most known for the six he hit off the final ball in Sharjah, Javed Miandad is a middle order batsman who be happily accepted in any cricket team in the world. Miandad was a grinder and liked to score bulk of his runs through placing the ball in the gaps. He represented Pakistan in 6 world cups and holds the record for the highest number of test runs for his country. His natural talent and the best way he applied it creates him questionably Pakistan's greatest middle order batsman.

In the the past several years Misbah ul haq has been a member who has been on / off the squad due to his turbulent form. That will not take away the fact that he could be a good solid batsman who has recently been the calming effect in our Pakistani batting line up. With his potential of hard hitting and a cool at once his shoulders, Misbah ul haq is among the key players in the centre order for Pakistan at 2011 world cup. For around ten years now Younis Khan has been one of the leading Pakistani batsman who has played majority of his innings up the batting order. With his flamboyant stroke play and a captivating personality he likes to take bowlers at once and scores consistently. A shaky starter, Younis Khan is known for scoring big runs whenever he settles down on the crease.

Mohammad Yousuf, sheer class, that is how one canhow you can describe this gem of a batsman who has been probably one of the best batsman that Pakistan has brought. He has always been an aggressive scorer and is a treat for the eyes when in complete flow. Yousuf realistically scores at free will and is recognized to annihilate even the most impressive bowling attacks of the world on his day.

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